This lovely tealight holder is designed to be personalised. The display version has two different sides, one pair saying love and the second pair saying mum. You can swap out any or all of these and replace them with a name. For example the four sides could say JOHN - JANE - LOVE - MUM.
When you complete the order write the four sides as above and that is the order we will cut the sides.

Tealight holder is a modern interlocking pattern cubic tealight holder made from 3 mm birch ply wood stained with a light oak wax.
Supplied completely made up with a LED battery powered tealight for added safety if you have youngsters or pets around the home. 
Can be used with traditional wax tealights. We recommend that you use a glass or metal tealight holder for added safety and never leave a burning candle unattended.

The tealight holder is 81 mm x 86 mm x 95 mm (L x W x H). Weight 150g.

Wanted to design a tealight holder that would throw some interesting patterns on our walls. This design started out as an attempt to design my own circular stained glass window but somewhere along the way drifted east!

Mother's day tealight holder.


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