Just Married personalised gift or keepsake to mark the couples nuptials in a cute and unique way.
This wooden house can be personalised in a number of ways to make an ideal wedding gift.
The houses are available in two sizes :- large 190mm x 170mm or small 135mm x 120mm.
The houses can have either fir tree surrounds or heart bush surrounds.
The houses can have a Just Married banner or Just Married bunting.
Lastly you can include the couples names or family name ( Mr & Mrs Smith). This can be engraved in cursive script or block script.
If you choose the banner option this will use the same font as the names. If you choose the bunting option the bunting font will automatically be in block style. The name can be in either font.
If you have chosen the bunting version you can add a date in the six digit form. (Eg. 20-12-21)
Look at the images for the various combinations.

The houses are made from multiple layers of 3mm birch ply parts stained to give contrast and finished with a satin lacquer.

We recommend attaching the houses to walls with command picture strips or similar to protect your paintwork or walls.

Just Married personalised wedding gift.


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